PSE Index

The PSEi (PCOMP:IND) is the main stock market index of the Philippine Stock Exchange and serves as an indicator of the general health of the country’s economy.

According to memo CN-No. 2014-0011 dated February 24, 2014, the following should be met to be included in the index:

1. 12% free float level
2. must be among the top 25% by median daily value per month for at least 9 out of 12 months
3. top 30 based on full market cap

The Exchange conducts a semi annual review of the index covering one year periods from January to December of the preceding year and June to July of the current year for re-composition every March and September, respectively. Due to these re-compositions, expect some stocks to move significantly during the said months as there are Funds who exclusively invests on the index.

Below is the list of the companies currently comprising the PSEi, their index weights and ranks in terms of weight.

AC 5.48 5
AEV 4.51 8
AGI 3.39
ALI 7.86 3
AP 1.91
BDO 4.68 7
BLOOM 1.15
BPI 5.92 4
DMC 1.91
EDC 2.2
FGEN 0.89
GLO 1.89
GTCAP 2.22
ICT 4 10
JFC 2.75
JGS 4.35 9
LTG 1.46
MBT 3.87
MEG 1.48
MER 1.27
MPI 1.95
PCOR 0.62
PX 0.64
RLC 1.18
SCC 1.19
SM 9.18 2
SMC 0.92
SMPH 3.95
TEL 11.85 1
URC 5.34 6


Sources: PSE, Wikipidia


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